Excellent article from Laura Lamere on recognizing and supporting your child’s passion.

Laura Lamere

You may experience a moment of clarity and pride when you realize you have a talented child. But that moment will probably be followed by a mix of feelings: fear, hesitation, confusion. “He/she is different; I don’t know what to do to support him/her.” It helps to keep that moment of clarity in mind and remember what it is that will make your child happy. You don’t have to be a dancer or musician yourself to recognize the intensity or passion your child holds for an activity. I’ve learned over the years that Mom (and Dad) have certain built-in radar that shouldn’t be ignored.

What does your creative child like to do? And how intense is his or her interest? Does he dance whenever you play music in the house? Does he dance on the street or in the mall even when there is no music playing?  Does she sing in…

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