A Piano Project Kids Love!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might already know that I love doing recording projects with my piano students every year. For the past several years we have done CD’s. The first year we did a studio wide compilation CD then we moved to making individual CD’s for each child. The CD’s were a hit with parents and kids, but this year I decided to try something a little different. This year we recorded and placed the recordings inside stuffed animals at Build A Bear Workshop! Every time they squeeze their stuffed animal they get to hear themselves playing the piano!

Build A Bear Piano

How cool is that? Way cool! Even the staff at Build A Bear was impressed with these kids!


6 thoughts on “A Piano Project Kids Love!

  1. foxxpianostudio says:

    What a fun, unique and creative idea! Did the families just all meet at build a bear or how did you work that out? Did you reserve time there for just your studio? How did you do the recordings? They can’t record in advance can they? Sorry for all the questions, this is just a cool idea but trying to wrap my head around the logistics of it all. 😉 (BTW- the first video won’t play, it’s saying it’s private)


    • fame1444 says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. These are such great questions that I’m going to do a separate post to answer them today so stay tuned! Also, thanks for letting me know about the link. It should be fixed now.


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