Setting Priorities

Tips From A Piano & Vocal Coach

Isn’t it frustrating when your kid has to be in multiple places at the same time? You stress out over what to do and end up caving in to the coach or teacher who makes the biggest fuss only to second guess yourself later. If this is you, momager, then it’s time to take control of the one thing you can control when it comes to your young star’s schedule – your priorities. Your priorities in this situation will depend on your young star’s career goals and your family’s values. The next time you have to be in multiple places at once ask yourself the following questions to help you prioritize so you feel great about your decision. 

Before we get into the questions a word of caution: be sure that you always do everything possible to never over schedule your young child!

Now, on to the questions that will help you prioritize!

  1. Is the activity directly related to my young star’s career goals? This is the most important question when having to choose one activity over another. 
  2. Does my child have a lead role or leadership position in the activity?Be very honest with yourself here. Of course your young star is irreplaceable BUT in this situation can the activity go on successfully without your child’s involvement? *If your child has a lead in both activities refer to question number one. In the event that both activities are directly related to your young star’s career try to work out a compromise to get one of the dates/times changed so your child can do both. This approach should be used in only the rarest of circumstances. Be aware that a compromise may not be possible and you may have to choose one activity over the other. 
  3. Can you leave one activity early and make it in time to participate in the other? Do some pre-planning and be prepared to present a full solution to the coaches/teachers/directors involved of what time your child will be at each activity. They will appreciate you for bringing a solution rather than a problem. 

There are some situations where the priority must be clear. For example- if your child has a performance and a dress rehearsal for a different event on the same day, the performance is the priority. This is a non-negotiable. As soon as you are aware of the conflict let whoever is in charge of the dress rehearsal know about it and try to work out something with them. If your young star is an integral part of the event with the dress rehearsal the director is likely to be understanding. Remember that your young star’s inability to be present at the dress rehearsal is a stressor for the director. With this in mind, be prepared with solutions to any problems that your child’s absence may cause. This will help you maintain a good relationship with the director. 

Deciding what your priorities are before you find yourself in another one of these impossible situations of having to be in multiple places at once will make your life as a momager easier. 

Keep in mind that professionals who are accustomed to working with talented kids know that there will be times that they have conflicts. Early communication with your coach or director helps keep the relationship positive and makes you a rockstar momager!   

Dana Rice is the Momager of two young adults who are actively working in music/film/tv. Dana is also the owner of Dana Rice Music’s FAME Studio in metro Atlanta where she develops performing artists through piano lessons and vocal coaching.

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