You’re Gonna Laugh At This!

While reading a few posts on Piano Addict, I came across this joke…

The doorbell rang and the lady of the house discovered a workman, complete with tool chest, on the front porch.

“Madam,” he announced, “I’m the piano tuner.”

The lady exclaimed, “Why, I didn’t send for a piano tuner.”

The man replied, “I know you didn’t, but your neighbors did.”

How To Get More Piano Students


Sometimes the best way to get kids interested in piano lessons – or anything else for that matter – is to have their friends tell them how much fun it is! If you take special care to keep fun at the center of your piano lessons, your students will reward you for it by telling their friends about it. And remember – kids tell it exactly the way they see it, so make sure to keep it fun because if it’s not they will tell that too!

One thing that keeps lessons fun is special projects. The sound file above is from the CD project we do in my studio. Each kid gets to record his or her own CD. Find out more about this project and how you can incorporate it into your teaching in Recording Season is Here!

Instant Motivation – Children

As part of her interview for the CD Recording Project my students have been doing this Spring, I asked
my daughter who her favorite musical
 artist was and she said, “You, Mom!”   How sweet is that?!

Don’t Do It!

When shown a picture of a quarter rest one of my younger students said, “It means don’t do it”.

Of course what she was trying to say is that you shouldn’t play when you see it. I love the way kids see the world!