What To Do When Your Child Gets An On Camera Acting Audition That Requires Singing

Tips From A Vocal Coach

So your child’s agent has just sent you sides for an audition and you discover that the character sings. Do you A.) pass on the audition, B.) go into panic mode, C.) something else? Hopefully you answered c.) something else because with a little guidance neither choice A or B has to be your only option. Read on to find out 4 simple things you can do to improve your young star’s chances of booking an acting role that requires singing. 

Ask Yourself WHY. The first thing you can do when you get sides that require singing is think about WHY your child  might be  a good fit for this role. If you have listed singing as a special skill on the resume then clearly the agent or casting director has requested your child  based on the fact that you identified him or her as a singer. Be sure your child is prepared to back up that claim. If singing is not listed as a special skill on the resume then think in terms of character development. Perhaps the character just needs to be able to carry a simple tune and most children can do that!

Once you’ve worked up the nerve to do the audition it’s time to do some research. Look for 2-3 examples of the song on YouTube to get an idea of what the song sounds like and how it should be performed. 

Think About The Character. 

Approach the audition with the question “How would this character sing this part”? 

You and your child will need to listen intentionally to the clips you found of the song in order to get ideas on how to recreate that sound for the character. Think about why the character is singing, what the character is singing, and to whom the character is singing. 

Get help from a vocal coach. A good vocal coach will be able to give your child guidance on singing the right notes with the right rhythm and help him/her sing in character. Working with a vocal coach can also help boost your child’s confidence as it relates to singing. 

If your child has never gotten an audition that requires singing, there is a possibility that one day he/she will because singing is such a natural part of being a kid. Since It’s one of the main ways people express emotions, having a basic knowledge of how to use the voice for singing can make your young star a stronger actor. 

Dana Rice is the Momager of two young adults who are actively working in music/film/tv.

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