4 Reasons To Watch the iTunes Festival Concerts Free Now!


The iTunes Festival has just concluded 30 Nights of Live Concerts and the iTunes Store is making the concerts available to watch FREE for a limited time. By clicking the pic above you can find out how to watch the concerts from your computer, mobile device, or your TV. There are many artists from a wide variety of genres represented.

Classical Music lovers will enjoy the concert by Andrea Bocelli as he sings “Amazing Grace”, “Time To Say Goodbye” and many more.

Fans of The X Factor will be happy to hear Rebecca Ferguson in concert with her Pop and R&B vocals.

World Music performer Laura Mvula, who studied classical composition is also included in this buffet of Free Concerts from the iTunes Festival.

My favorite new artist, Emeli Sande, has a fabulous concert as well! She performs her hit “Next To Me”, “Read All About It” and other tunes from her new album.

Can anybody say One Direction? Yes, they have a concert as well!

This body of concerts is a great opportunity for anyone who loves music, but it is especially great for music educators. Here are my top reasons for watching:

1. Discover new music

Here in one place you have some of the hottest artists from a variety of genres which makes discovering new music that students will love easy to find. There are links on the concert page to each artist’s iTunes page where you can purchase the music you like.

2. See your favorite artists in concert for FREE!!!

3. See Clear Video for Performance Examples  –

      Music educators can use clips from the concerts to point out on stage performance techniques to students

4. Preview music on upcoming CDs – 

 We all hate to buy music and later discover we don’t like it. Eliminate this possibility by watching the FREE Concert before you buy!


Great Book: Lang Lang – Journey of A Thousand Miles

I just finished reading Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story by Lang Lang with David Ritz. This book literally drew me in from the first to the very last page. I did not want to put it down. When I had to put it down, because life was calling, I wondered what would happen next in this great classical pianist’s story. There was not a moment of disappointment.

As I read of his struggles and the extreme sacrifices his parents made to help him master the piano and the passion he himself has for music I was inspired. Honestly, it made me want to rush to the piano and practice – sincerely practice. And that’s exactly what I did several times in between chapters.

“Hearing” Lang Lang tell his story of being a piano student in China was mind-boggling at times because it is so different from the way we do it in America. There is a different depth to the process of musical learning and commitment to the craft than what I have experienced. It makes me wonder what kind of musician I would be if I had grown up in China. Would I be happy? I’m not sure. Would I be exceptionally skillful? Maybe. Lang Lang points out some wonderful differences that Americans have culturally as well. The freedom to be yourself, to express yourself in unique ways is one thing that Lang Lang speaks of discovering once he came to America. I enjoyed reading between these two worlds through Lang Lang’s eyes.

One of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Remember, it is easy to be a pianist, all you have to do is move your fingers. But to be a great pianist you have to use your mind.”

I think this is a great read for every piano student, piano teacher, and piano parent.