Lyric Writing Contest!

Just in time for the holidays, is hosting a lyric writing contest where students write words to a new song on their site. The winner receives $75. Entries are due by Nov. 15th. This week I’ve been presenting the idea of entering the contest to my students. Initially a lot of them get that look in their eyes of “Oh no! More work”, however once I start asking them what they will do with the $75 suddenly their creative juices start flowing! Who couldn’t use $75 just before Christmas?

Kids Composing Contest!

 We’ve been doing a lot of songwriting in the piano studio lately and this  FREE songwriting contest sponsored by sounds like a nice add-on to make it even more fun for the kids! Entries must be received by June 19, 2012 and winners will be announced June 21, 2012. When you visit their website there is also a link for Contest Aid Pages. These include colorful cutouts and a staff to help kids put the composition on paper! For another idea on how to compose with kids, check out the post I did on my Songwriting Game. I’m going to encourage my students to submit some of their creations, how about you?