My New Song and Free Sheet Music!

Happy Monday to all my readers! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Sharing piano teaching ideas and thoughts with you and learning from you through your comments on Kids and Keys and your posts on your blogs enriches and energizes my teaching.  Today, though,  I am sharing a different side of me – the songwriter. My song, “Dance of Life” is entered in Guitar Center’s Singer/Songwriter Contest and I need your support! The contest runs from now through November 3rd.

“Dance of Life” is a song about the fantastic feelings of hope that love brings which makes it  perfect for weddings, and even wedding proposals. It is a song for anniversaries and reminiscing, a song for celebrating love.

Please watch the video and share it on your social networking sites by clicking the share button.

And just for being so awesome you can download the sheet music for Dance Of Life for FREE!

Thank you

Dana Rice

Discover New Music: An Interview With Founder

Regan Starr, Founder of

Welcome to the very first Artist Interview on Kids & Keys! Today we are “talking” with Regan Starr, the founder of a cutting edge blog in music education called I have been following Regan’s blog for several months now and recently introduced some of my students to the music on his site. The response from the students has been amazing! They were immediately inspired and wanted to explore more of his songs and to learn more about who he is as a musician. Isn’t that every music teacher’s dream – to have their students excited and inspired about music? Of course it is! That’s why I asked Regan for this interview. I am honored that he agreed to share with the Kids & Keys readers. Enjoy!

First let me introduce Regan to you through my students’ top pick from his song catalogue so far:

Dana: “What is and how did you come up with the idea for this kind of website?”

Regan: is my music composition blog. Every week I write new piano songs and share the sheet music for free. The idea for ClassPiano has evolved over time. I was initially looking for a way to help others, and also wanted to have a creative musical outlet. I had never heard of a blogger who writes piano music and it sounded like a unique opportunity.”

Dana: “What are some ways that private instructors can utilize your website in their teaching to supplement lessons?”
Regan: “When instructors visit, they can listen to and download all of my piano sheet music for free. I currently have about 100 original songs on the site. Students can use these songs to add some variety to their weekly practice schedule. It also gives students and teachers something to look forward to because I’m always posting new music.
Dana: “That’s great, Regan. I’d like to add that as a piano teacher I find many of your songs like the one in the video above useful for helping students better understand music theory concepts and patterns as well. For instance I used the song above to illustrate how songs are built using the circle of fifths and how awareness of this pattern can help aid memorization.
Dana: How do you write and post songs every week?”
Regan: “One of my favorite tools for composing is my iPhone. You never know when you will think of a great melody or chord progression. Whenever I have a new musical idea, I immediately capture it using a recording app. So when it’s time to sit down and write a new song, I have a long list of ideas to use as a starting point.”
Dana: “What does the future hold for ClassPiano?”

Regan: “I will continue to write new piano songs and develop my skills as a composer. I also want to spread the word about ClassPiano using social media and word-of-mouth. Eventually, I would love to have millions of people around the world to learn how to play my latest songs.”

Well, that wraps up our first Artist Interview! Thanks, Regan. We look forward to hearing more original music from you. Kids & Keys readers can contact Regan Starr through his blog at