Singer’s Tip: Don’t Forget The Lyrics!

One thing every singer needs to be careful of is forgetting the lyrics! I’ve forgotten lyrics a time or two and I know for a fact it’s NOT what you as a singer want to do!

“The lyrics hold the message you’re trying to communicate in the song so it’s crucial to get them right.”

Taking specific steps to learn the lyrics – apart from the melody is very helpful. Most people say they don’t really pay attention to the lyrics, but as a singer this is NOT one of your choices.
Write those lyrics out – don’t just print the lyric sheet and read from there. The physical act of writing the lyrics out is so much more effective – especially if you write them as you hear them on the recording rather than copying them from a googled lyrics sheet.

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Lyric Writing Contest!

Just in time for the holidays, is hosting a lyric writing contest where students write words to a new song on their site. The winner receives $75. Entries are due by Nov. 15th. This week I’ve been presenting the idea of entering the contest to my students. Initially a lot of them get that look in their eyes of “Oh no! More work”, however once I start asking them what they will do with the $75 suddenly their creative juices start flowing! Who couldn’t use $75 just before Christmas?