Visually Describing Your Studio

FAME Word Art

Today I discovered the coolest app in a post from the blog An Ethical Island. The app is called CloudArt and is available for iPad in the iTunes store. The app is quite versatile in that you can type in text and it will give you a design. You can also type in a website address and it will generate a design from the website itself! You can even choose your own colors and fonts. The pic above is the what I got when I typed in my website and  added more words that describe my studio. It would be great to frame and hang up in the studio so that parents and kids get a quick visual of what’s in store for them when they take lessons. The art generated from the app would also be great for marketing materials. Another possibility is musical terms review. Students could type in words and generate a graphic. I think visual learners might really benefit from something like that. At  just $0.99 this little app can have a big impact!

What do you think? If you buy the app and create a graphic I’d love to see it in a comment below!

I can see so many possibilities for using this app for the piano studio.