Easy Piano Lesson Plan


Piano Lesson Plan

My version of How To Teach Piano In 84 seconds by Andrea Dow of the Teach Piano Today blog. Here’s how you can make it and use it in your lesson with students who have short attention spans:

1.Write out 6 activities on jumbo popsicle sticks and put a strip of flat magnetic tape on the back of each stick. (The magnetic tape sold in rolls does not work as well as the flat kind)

2.After each activity the student and I will sing the McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it theme” before moving to the next activity.

3.Be sure to read each activity with the student before having them do it.

4. Get creative with the activities! You will notice that my 3rd “activity” is “Quick! Hit the panic button”. If you don’t have a panic button, do something like bounce a ball.

5. Notice that some activities are timed. You can draw a clock on these so students will know the activity is timed.

6. Finally, decide what order you want to do the activities in – or let your student choose – and put the magnets on a magnetic board!

That’s it – lesson accomplished!

Which Guitar Is Cool?

This post, while not about piano teaching is about kids and their perceptions of musical instruments. In one of my preschool classes a few weeks ago the boys were fighting over these two guitars. Everybody wanted the red one. When I asked them what was wrong with the blue one, they told me it was OK for the girls but it wasn’t cool enough for them. Wanting to know more, I asked what was so cool about the red one. They said, it has fire! If you’re interested in more about musical instrument stereotypes, head on over to http://arcticbassplayer.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/its-only-4-strings-dealing-with-music-related-stereotypes/#comment-80. Reading that post inspired me to share the picture above.