Book Review: Note By Note, A Celebration of the Piano Lesson by Tricia Tunstall

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to start the school year, Tricia Tunstall’s book, Note By Note is a must read! This book is truly a celebration of the piano lesson – with all it’s joys and frustrations, twists, turns, and challenges. As I read the book  – in one day – I was uplifted, renewed, and validated as a piano teacher. Her chapter titles are succinct yet intriguing – “Beginnings”, “The Pull of Pop”, “The Lure of Elise”, “Emerging”, “Mastery”, “Recital”, and finally “My Last Piano Teacher”. In my opinion, this book is a love story that will capture the heart of  anyone who teaches piano, has taken piano lessons and refused to quit, has quit piano lessons and lived to regret it, and even those who always wished to have piano lessons.  My favorite quote about this book is from author Reeve Lindbergh who said,

“Note by Note is simply a joy of a book. Tricia Tunstall combines a lifetime’s love of music with respect and affection for the children who are her students. She writes with clarity, grace, and a delightful sense of humor. This will be every reader’s favorite piano lesson.”