Picture Pentascales!

picture pentascales

Helping kids learn and remember what notes go with each pentascale is easy with stickers and a printed piano keyboard! This is one that one of my boys made.

He is a big Spider Man fan!

Why Teach?

I had an awesome teaching moment tonight during a piano lesson and I just had to share it here. A young student of mine who has learned all the pentascales but had not yet been introduced to the entire major scale, was previewing a piece where the C scale is used throughout. Now before I tell you what happened next I must tell you that when he was learning the pentascales I never referred to them as pentascales, only scales.

So as we previewed the piece for tonight I pointed out that for these passages he would have to figure out how to get 3 more fingers on his hand since his other scales only used 5 fingers. That’s when his mind went into super thinking mode and he said, “hmmm if it has 5 notes we should call it a pentascale because penta means 5!” Then he proceeded to play the whole major scale with correct fingering and everything!

All I could do was ask, “What do you need me for?”

And with a big Kool-Aid smile he said, “to encourage me.”

At the end of the day, that’s really what teaching is all about.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be an encourager in the lives of the kids I teach.

What’s the greatest compliment a student has given you? Share it here and you’ll be encouraging everyone who reads this post.