Our First Piano Graduation of the School Year

Yesterday I had my first student of this school year to graduate from her piano level. She just completed Faber’s My First Piano Adventures Level A! To celebrate the momentous occasion I taped the FINISH LINE pictured above from the piano to the wall. When she finished the last piece and a set of review questions, the student got to run across the finish line!   Of course that was very exciting for her and I must admit it was for me too! Now to really make sure that she understood just how big of an accomplishment completing her piano level was, I presented her with some gifts as well. She received a My First Piano Adventures Level A Christmas Book, A gift wrapped Wind Chime, and a bag of goodies! To top it all off and to create excitement among my other students and parents, I will be sending out a group e-mail to share the news with everyone. How do you celebrate piano graduations in your studio? I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment if you’d like!

Drama For Your Mama!

Every now and then a certain piece from one of the method books just captivates a student and gets their creative juices flowing in extraordinary ways. My daughter experienced this recently during her piano lesson. She is in Level 2A of Faber Piano Adventures and was learning the Detective Agency Song. She really enjoyed the melody and the lyrics. As a big fan of the TV show So Random! she is really into skits. So, she made up a skit to go along with her song. So, I suggested that she make a video. This got her super excited and of course she planned it down to the smallest detail and played the song over and over again on the piano. What more could a piano teacher/mom ask for?
Click here to see her idea brought to life – Detective Agency Song Drama