One Song Every Piano Player Has To Know

Between parents, students, and myself there sure were a LOT of birthdays in my studio this month! Great opportunity to use this “cake” that I found at a second hand store recently. And it was the perfect time to teach/review the Happy Birthday song. Out of all the songs that piano students can learn, this one will get the most use hands down because everybody has a birthday and everybody knows someone else who has a birthday, and EVERYBODY sings this song.

My “cake” comes in 4 pieces – perfect for each of the 4 lines of the song. As we learned to play each line, the student got a piece of cake. I didn’t even know that each piece makes a unique sound until we were using it in a lesson. What a bonus! The piece with the purple candle plays Happy Birthday To You!

This is a great song for ear training and listening for changes in pattern between lines 1 and 2. So, that’s how we learned it in the lesson. After the lesson however, I presented the birthday person with a Birthday Certificate that has the notes for the song so they can refer to it if they forget how to play it or if they want to teach it to someone else.

Download the Birthday Certificate with Note Names 

Download the Birthday Certificate with Staff Notation   

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