Rhythm Toss Game

 Summer is a great time to play even more games in the music studio. If you teach piano during the summer, you know that the absence of a set daily routine such as the one kids have during the school year makes it a little more difficult for them to focus during lessons. That doesn’t mean that the music learning has to suffer! This Rhythm Toss game is perfect to get them up and moving in the name of music!

What You Need:

A toss set (I purchased mine from Oriental Trading Company. You can also find these at Party stores)

Numbers that can be taped to the toss set to represent beats. (1,2,3,4)

Candy or other trinket for prizes.

Cutout notes: Quarter notes, whole notes, half notes, quarter rests

To play the game:

Have the student toss a bean bag into one of the holes. If they make it into the hole, they must “pay” for the prize inside the hole using the appropriate notes or rests to match the number of beats indicated. Students may use any combination of notes as long as it equals the desired number of beats.


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