The Musical Power of A Clothespin

Here is a simple tool you can use to help young piano students develop stronger fingers and increase their fine motor skills. Yes, the basic clothespin can do this! I dressed mine up so that it wouldn’t look so basic. All I did was color each clothespin with a marker and add a music symbol embellishment. You can easily find these at craft stores.

Students can use these Finger Builders to squeeze with each of their fingers and the thumb. Be sure to demonstrate to students how to squeeze with their fingertip and without letting their finger collapse. This will help promote a round hand shape to use at the piano.

Another fun way to use these Finger Builders is to have the student pretend that the Finger Builder is a crocodile looking for food. Have them use it to “eat” small objects around the studio.

7 thoughts on “The Musical Power of A Clothespin

  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Wow. Where DO you come up with these ideas? This is brilliant – especially for the kids that just have wimpy keyboards to practice on at home.
    Hunting for a clothespin – not entirely certain I even own one.


    • fame1444 says:

      I usually get ideas like this from my overactive imagination, but this one actually came from something I read online a while ago – can’t remember where. Tried to google it this morning, but to no avail.


  2. 88pianokeys says:

    My students use clothespins to build finger strength as well but are certainly not duded up like yours. Perhaps this is a craft I’ll have to add to my lab assignment time. Thanks for the great ideas!


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