Handouts for the Pop/Jazz Track at MTNA 2013

EVERY DAY in lessons my students show me that the music they are most interested in is Pop and Jazz. As teachers we have to listen when students tell us what they want to learn and find ways to use what we know to help them get to where they want to go. Awesome article by Leila Viss of 88pianokeys.com. Check it out!


photo (5) 2 Hello Jazz/Pop Track attendees and those who couldn’t attend but are still interested,

First, a huge thank you! We (Bradley Sowash, Chair and all those involved) were so pleased with the number of those who participated and the enthusiasm and energy felt throughout the day.

Here’s bios and descriptions of each session and as promised, handouts from those who offered them.

Panel Discussion: Can you think of Pop 10 Reasons for Integrating Jazz/Pop styles into your Lessons?

Panel’s HANDOUT: None, but stay tuned for the top 10 list of each panelist in a future blog.

Bradley Sowash, Scott Houston, Barbara Kreader, Lauren Thompson, Kristin Yost, Marti Dudgeon, Leila Viss, Deborah How

Dialogue between and panelists and attendees discussing the pros and cons of integrating jazz/pop styles into music lessons. Attendees will be encouraged to make a list of the POP 10 reasons why to consider adding jazz/pop into daily…

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