Why It’s Called The “Trouble” Clef

Trouble Clef

On a recent visit to Michael’s I found this cute little notepad. As with a lot of random things that are in my studio at any given moment, it became a teaching aid in a piano lesson. Just as I was presenting the treble clef symbol using Faber’s Queen Treble Clef song from My First Piano Adventures, my eyes were drawn to this notepad. The treble clef at the bottom of the paper was a perfect visual to reinforce the lyrics of the song which say she got in trouble for trying to play the low notes!

Hmmm, was it genius or merely desperation that led me to that discovery? Clearly there is a thin line between the two!

2 thoughts on “Why It’s Called The “Trouble” Clef

    • fame1444 says:

      Hi Rebecca! Don’t you just love it when kids are able to make connections from their school music class to their private lessons?! Last year we decided to do something special for the school music teachers to let them know that we realize how important what they do is to the private lesson and to thank them.


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