Hanon Plus App Review and Giveaway!


Hanon. Pianists hear the word and immediately visualize pages and pages of exercises that have fingers running up and down the piano keys. As a young student I looked at people who already “knew how to play” and wondered how in the world they got their fingers to move so quickly and so freely. Then one day I was introduced to the Hanon Exercises. From Hanon I learned to control my fingers and to will each one to move on command. Hanon set me free from finger positions and taught me how to look (and sound) like I “knew how to play” as well!

Your students should meet Hanon.

Today’s students are lucky. They can get the benefits of Hanon exercises without having to guess whether or not they are doing them right only to get to their next lesson and discover that their fingering was all off. Today’s students have the Hanon Plus app by mTA.

The first thing that makes the Hanon Plus app so appealing for learning to play the piano is that it works with an acoustic piano or keyboard. While there are many apps that require students to interact with an on-screen keyboard they cannot compare to apps that allow the student to practice on the instrument which they are trying to learn. This single capability makes Hanon Plus worth a try for any serious student.

With the Hanon Plus app students can develop their technical ability and dramatically improve their sense of where notes are on the piano keyboard. This is a major plus for those students who can’t seem to take their eyes off the keyboard while playing (one of my biggest pet peeves).

The app comes with 20 built in exercises from Hanon Book 1 which students can practice in ANY major or minor key! Each one is listed by the fingers that will be strengthened.Hanon Plus1

The exercises are also customizable! You or the student can select 1 of 3 rhythm levels from beginner to advanced when playing the exercises and there is an option for 1 octave or 2 octaves. The tempo is adjustable as well. If you look at the bottom of the screenshot below

you will see these features.HanonPlus Screen

And…wait for it… THERE ARE NO IN-APP PURCHASES. I am especially happy about this fact because I always find it disappointing to purchase an app only to find out that the features I thought I was purchasing are not included in the price. With this app you get it all.

Some of my other favorite features of Hanon Plus are the green tracking bar that moves along as the student plays. I find this to be extremely helpful for students who have difficulty tracking while playing from a score. This app also allows the student to practice playing and reading both treble and bass notes at the same time. Of course this helps improve coordination between the hands. If you like the Fingerpower Series, you will LOVE Hanon Plus.

Besides all the benefits for students, Hanon Plus is helpful for piano teachers because it is self-evaluating. In other words the student can use it independently and get feedback directly from the app. I have used the app at the start of lessons and I have also had students who are early or waiting on a sibling to use it while they wait. (If you choose to use the app with a waiting student while you are teaching another student you will need to have a separate room they can use due to the fact that the app is using your iPad’s mic to hear the student play.) You can also have students purchase the app to work with at home in between lessons. The app only costs $7.99 which is about the cost of a book but with all the added benefits of interactivity.

This app is so helpful that YOU as the teacher mApp Store Iconight want to use it to warm up your own fingers while your students aren’t looking. Go ahead…I won’t tell!

Now that you are sold out on this fabulous app and you know that you have to have it, one super fantastic teacher will win a FREE download of the Hanon Plus App. To enter, leave a comment below about how Hanon Exercises were introduced to you as a piano student.

The deadline to enter the contest is Sunday, October 5th at midnight EST. 

11 thoughts on “Hanon Plus App Review and Giveaway!

  1. Laura says:

    I remember being given the Hanon Book and my jaw dropping at the tiny print and tons of notes and I have enjoyed seeing the similar reactions of my students. Then comes the realisation that they are patterns and I was in heaven! If the Hanon book came out then I smiled, if the scale book came out then I was never as impressed!
    That app looks fantastic, what a good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heidi N says:

    My first teacher had me start Hanon exercises and unlike many students, I enjoyed them. I loved the challenge of trying to increase speed. I love how the app has different rhythm options!


  3. Crystal says:

    What a fabulous 21st century, technology enhanced twist on a proven old traditional, standard! There is no doubt students will love it, and with the app being the price of a book, that makes it a great selling point to parents! Thanks!


    • Kim Hill says:

      This looks great. I remember being kind of bored with these “exercises” as a young student but I think the app adds an element of fun to them. I will definitely try this out with my students.


  4. Karen Litsey says:

    Hanon is the greatest way to warm up. My college teacher showed me a way to go up one octave in C, down in C#, up in D, down in Eb,etc. for a quick run through in all keys. Very helpful!


  5. Lavinia Livingston says:

    I didn’t encounter Hanon until high school, and was a fairly advanced student by that time. Now I am excited about this app and would use it with students to introduce them to Hanon.


  6. Beth Yantz says:

    I was never introduced to these as a young student. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I didn’t need them, as much as the teacher must have known I wouldn’t practice these gems. Sadly I have been trying to get up to speed when I heard about them in college. .. still working on Hanon and Czerny. This app would benefit myself as well as my students!


  7. Jeanne says:

    I only met Hanon as an adult taking some lessons for my own continuing education. It made a huge difference in my playing. Love Hanon!


  8. Geri Miller says:

    I remember getting a Hanon book many years ago when I was taking lessons, but I did not see the value at that time in playing the exercises in multiple keys. I think this app looks great!


  9. Nicole D says:

    My teacher started me on Hanon when I was a teen. I became addicted to it. I loved how my fingers could do something that felt productive while my mind could wander (after I knew them inside and out). It was therapeutic for me. =)


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