And The Winners Are…


Thank you to everyone who entered the contests for the Sight Read Minor and Hanon Plus Apps. You shared some wonderful stories about your encounters with Hanon and about how you use apps in your lessons. I hope you enjoyed thinking back and gained inspiration from each others comments. I sure did! Alas, there can only be one winner for each app so without further waiting the winners are…

Geri Miller – Sight Read Minor

She wrote:

“I haven’t used apps at all in my lessons, but I recently got an iPad and would like to start using them. This sounds like a good one.”

Beth Yantz – Hanon Plus

She wrote:

“I was never introduced to these as a young student. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I didn’t need them, as much as the teacher must have known I wouldn’t practice these gems. Sadly I have been trying to get up to speed when I heard about them in college. .. still working on Hanon and Czerny. This app would benefit myself as well as my students!”

Now… If your name is not Geri Miller or Beth Yantz and you are still reading this, I have GREAT NEWS FOR YOU! Somehow with all the giveaways last week I think the post on the SightRead Plus Giveaway got lost and people didn’t see it. So, I am extending that giveaway but only through the end of the day TOMORROW, Wednesday October 8th. Leave a comment below for a chance to win it!

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