Christmas Gift Wish List – A Piano Teacher’s Thoughts

Have you ever seen a cool music item that you wished your piano parents would buy for their kids? If you’re anything like me the answer is YES!!!  With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner I thought I’d put in a plug for my students and ask their parents for some gifts on their behalf. (What kid doesn’t love a piano teacher who gets their parents to buy them cool gifts?) Here’s my list:

For Preschoolers: This wooden puzzle has sounds and helps kids learn how the keyboard is set up. Perfect for learning the music alphabet, and key names. Instrument pieces play short tunes that will have kids and parents dancing around!

For Elementary and Older:

Let ’em wear it – a T shirt that says “88 keys- 10 fingers  – no problem”

Let ’em hear the music! – ipod shuffle or ipod nano

Give ’em fun classics – Timeless music set to funny original lyrics

        $19.99 Toys R Us 

$11.07 on

This is by no means a full list!!! I could go on and on about great gifts for music students. What’s on your Christmas Wish List for your students?

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