Songs Kids Want To Play

Yesterday one of my students’ parents called me and told me to listen to the music being played in the background. It was her son playing one of her daughter’s piano assignments on his trumpet! The song was Fireflies by Owl City. Her son had “stolen” his sister’s sheet music so he could learn how to play the song. He also kept saying over and over “It’s not fair! She gives you cool songs to learn! Why doesn’t my teacher give me songs like this to learn?”

So, with a nod to “the piano-assignment-stealing-brother” I write today’s post. Here is a list of the top requested songs in my studio from the past month:

1. Someone Like You by Adele

2. Fireflies by Owl City

3. Dynamite by Taio Cruz

4. Mean by Taylor Swift

5. Fur Elise by Beethoven

Of course most piano teachers know all about Fur Elise, but if you’d like to teach your students any of the other songs you can stop by any number of websites including,, and for a teacher cheat sheet otherwise known as sheet music!

2 thoughts on “Songs Kids Want To Play

  1. Miss Amaryah says:

    Ha! This is awesome! When “Fireflies” first came out, I made sheet music for it since I couldn’t find it on (at that time) and had a few of my students learn it… it was really energizing for them! I’m not a big fan of “One Direction” but I had an 8 year old who wanted to sing their song “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”… when I listened to it I knew she could learn it on the piano too! Anyway, I agree! Great songs! Thanks for sharing! BTW… your site has a great design.


    • fame1444 says:

      Thanks Amaryah! I have a feeling a lot of kids are going to be requesting One Direction songs. My son who is in Middle School says everybody at his school raves about them.


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