Stickers And Parents Oh My!

This one is an oldie but a goodie for motivating young students. No surprise here, but it’s worth mentioning just in case it’s slipped your mind. I know I had forgotten about the amazing motivational power of stickers until yesterday when one of my preschool piano players showed up for lessons and her mom said it was difficult to get her to practice last week at home.

Enter the amazing stickers! I took a blank piece of paper, folded it in half and told my preschooler that we were going to see if she could fill up the page with stickers. How were we going to do this? Well for each time she played her piece she’d get to put a sticker on.

But no we didn’t stop there! After she played the trouble spots a couple of times I told her I had a suggestion. Why don’t we get her to see if her mom could play it too? Of course she would have to be her mom’s teacher because afterall, I was busy teaching her! She absolutely loved the idea so her mom joined in the lesson and of course she earned stickers as well. Now we had two sticker sheets going! My student was excited to find out that not only would her mom get a sticker for practicing, she would get one also every time her mom played the piece.

Finally I had another suggestion. Why don’t we get you and mom to play it together? And yes, she loved the idea too. What 4 year old doesn’t want to do something special with their mom? The best part was that we recorded them playing and let them listen and judge their playing. Oh and as a bonus it was a perfect opportunity for a new vocabulary word: duet. Now my preschooler chants “a duet is when you do it together”

So what about home practice? Well the sticker sheet went home with a challenge to fill it up completely with no white spaces showing! When she brings it back she will get a something from my treat box. She couldn’t wait to get home and practice – I mean play!

Teachers, how do you get parents involved in the lesson? Parents, how do you get involved in practice at home? Share your wisdom in a comment below!


7 thoughts on “Stickers And Parents Oh My!

  1. Alison Armstrong says:

    I’m definitely a fan of the stickers. I teach a fellow teacher’s daughter piano in exchange for a lift to work every morning. Her daughter has just turned 5 and is lovely, but she’s a real mover, so the concentration required to play piano for 30 minutes on a Thursday afternoon is hard to muster. Enter cute Korean sticker sheet that I found in a stationery shop. It’s a poster that comes with a set of stickers, so that when you fill up the poster it makes a pretty picture. Let’s just say that she has perfect posture knowing that she’s going to get to choose the stickers at the end. I need to buy a bunch more of these things before I leave Asia!


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