The Music Store Field Trip

A Music Store Field Trip can be very exciting for a child who is learning to play the piano. The Music Store Field Trip is a lot different from a visit to the Piano Store because at the Music Store Field Trip you will get to experience other instruments in addition to the piano. If you live nearby a large music store then this is the field trip for you! It’s FREE, FUN, and Entertaining.

First you and your child/student will enjoy being around so many pianos. It’s a whole new world where playing in public can be a much different experience than the that of a piano recital. Also, the music store employees often gladly give FREE performances! It’s so awesome to see kids’ faces light up when they watch a good piano player play.

Next you can play the synthesizers and turntables and feel like you’re a recording artist! Kids love the fun digital sounds they can make!

At the music store we went to, they had these cool hand chairs –

A wall full of guitars makes you just want to try playing one – or two – or ten!

Getting Dad involved makes this field trip even more fun and cool! If Dad is doing it, it must be cool, right?

Sometimes kids don’t realize that there are more piano books out there besides the ones they use for their lessons. This information often motivates them to learn more songs!

The best part of the Music Store Field Trip? A happy, motivated music student!

So, take your kids or music students on a Music Store Field Trip  – you will be so glad you did and they will too!

Have you ever taken kids on a Music Store Field Trip? If so, what one thing made it so awesome?

3 thoughts on “The Music Store Field Trip

  1. whateverisinthekitchen says:

    I L-O-V-E-D going to the music store when I was a kid…and yes, if I used my allowance, I could buy piano books that were NOT for practice or recitals. It really did make me want to learn, even if I really didn’t have the right teacher for my learning style.


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