First Piano Lesson Activity: Piano Keyboard Pattern Cards

Young children often get confused at the piano and can’t remember where the notes are because they get lost in the sea of white keys. Of course as piano teachers we always direct them to look for the black key patterns of 2 and 3, so while reading a post from Sheryl Welles at Notable Music Studio I got an idea for this simple keyboard patterning game. It is great to use at a first piano lesson.

What you need:

Foam Sheets in 2 different colors (purchase at a craft store or a dollar store)

Piano Keyboard Printable (enough for 3-4 octaves)



The cards will look like this:


To Play:

After introducing the student to the 2 and 3 black key groups on the piano, use this quick game to test their understanding. Have them line up the cards in a keyboard pattern. Time them and see how fast they can do it!

To extend the learning, have them make a set to take home. At home they can teach younger siblings or parents the keyboard pattern!

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