Getting Parents Ready for Piano Season

When your piano parents think about the upcoming piano season will they be seeing themselves dragging their kid to and from lessons and battling at home over practice OR will they be laughing out loud as they recall the fun THEY had at your

Piano Parent Social?

Hosting a Piano Parent Social can breathe new energy into your studio and it is as simple as adding a little fun to your informational meeting.

Here are 6 ingredients for a great

Piano Parent Social:

1. Sneak Peak Video – Using an app like iMovie, create a short movie trailer showing what will be happening in your studio this year.

2. Info Packets – Prepare a folder for each family that includes studio policies, studio calendar, media release forms,  and rate/payment info. Also include any other info you would like parents to know.  At the start of the social, briefly cover the main points and answer any questions.

3. Sign Up Sheet – Have a printed copy of your teaching schedule ready for parents to reserve their child’s lesson time.  As they reserve their times have them pay lesson fees.

4. Fun Group Game – A game like Taboo provides lots of interaction and fun. You can also pre-select cards with a music theme.

5. Prizes – Have prizes for each member of the winning team.

6. Pictures – Be sure to take pictures and share them with parents in a follow-up email afterwards or display in your studio

Now you and your piano parents will be ready for the upcoming piano season!


4 thoughts on “Getting Parents Ready for Piano Season

  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Great to see you back, Dana! I’ve missed your posts. Just not quite sure I’m ready to fully embrace the start of lessons yet. Not quite yet.


    • fame1444 says:

      This summer was/is so busy that I haven’t had time to blog consistently. I’m looking forward to settling in and catching up on some things I’ve missed in the blog world. Is that a mob of piano kids I hear banging on your studio door? Lol!


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