Return To Music Day

The dynamic duo at is doing it again – bringing us an amazing opportunity to get out and do some good with music. Trevor and Andrea Dow are the ones who brought us Piano Geek Week, Shh… Your Piano Teacher Thinks This Is Practice, and a host of other resources. Their latest venture is Return To Music Day. Return To Music Day is set for Oct. 19, 2013 and is designed to get all those people who gave up lessons for whatever reason to come back! Maybe it’s the adult who regrets not having stuck with lessons as a kid or maybe it’s the kid who has been begging for lessons and parents said they couldn’t afford it. They are out there and you know them!

Thanks to Return To Music Day you can be their hero by offering them a piano lesson for just $5.   Yes, just $5. But wait – there’s more! Not only are you only going to charge $5 for this lesson, you are going to donate that entire $5 to a worthy organization – Musicians On Call. Musicians On Call provides musicians to play for patients in hospitals. But wait – there’s even more! By participating in Return To Music Day you will not only get that warm fuzzy feeling of having done something good for others, but you will also get to grow your studio!!!

I am participating in Return To Music Day and I hope you will be too! Get more details and sign up at


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