6 Great Songs For Tween/Teen Girls To Sing

Choosing a song is probably one of the hardest things for a singer to do! So, here’s a little list of songs to help you out the next time you’re at a loss of what to present to your Tween/Teen Girl vocal student.

  1. Opportunity – positive, hopeful message. Popular because of the recent remake of the movie Annie. Watch on YouTube

2. Waiting Outside The Lines – Although Greyson Chance sang this song it is an excellent song for girls to sing as well.

3. Try Everything by Shakira. – Popular because of the Zootopia Movie.

4. How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara – Popular because of the Moana movie.

5. Colors of The Wind – Tori Kelly version

6. “Monday Is Coming” featuring Mary Rene Quarles – Fresh, fun pop celebrating the  weekend.

What are some other songs that you feel should be added to this list?

Share them in a comment!

5 thoughts on “6 Great Songs For Tween/Teen Girls To Sing

  1. Jennifer Faulkner says:

    Hi! My 5th grade student LOVED Monday is coming! It’s a perfect range for her voice and would be great for our June recital. I purchased the audio song, but am wondering if there is an accompaniment track or written music/chord chart available for purchase? Any help is so appreciated!!! Thanks! Jennifer


    • Dana Rice says:

      Hi Pamela! Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for your comment. Some recent songs I’ve done with my students – Surface Pressure from Encanto, Easy On Me by Adele (we slightly changed the words), Dancing In The Street, Reflection from Mulan. God Girl by Jamie Grace, Songs from the Netflix series Julie And The Phantoms (lots of great melodic songs)


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