Street Musicians Make Great Music Teachers!

Recently my family and I went down to Savannah, GA for my daughter’s dance performance and while we were there we were able to sneak in some music (YAY). As we strolled along the riverfront we heard the jazzy sounds of a saxophone. So, of course we went to talk to the guy who was playing. He graciously played some Duke Ellington for us and then asked what else we wanted to hear. My kids hesitated because they didn’t want to ask him to play something that he didn’t know. Of course I was pretty sure this man could play any song, so I asked him to play Blue Bossa , a jazz standard my son is learning to play. He smiled and began to play it beautifully. My kids were amazed that he could just play it on the spur of the moment like that. The lesson – continue to study music patterns and learn as many songs as you can so you will be ready to take requests some day as well!

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