Visually Describing Your Studio

FAME Word Art

Today I discovered the coolest app in a post from the blog An Ethical Island. The app is called CloudArt and is available for iPad in the iTunes store. The app is quite versatile in that you can type in text and it will give you a design. You can also type in a website address and it will generate a design from the website itself! You can even choose your own colors and fonts. The pic above is the what I got when I typed in my website and  added more words that describe my studio. It would be great to frame and hang up in the studio so that parents and kids get a quick visual of what’s in store for them when they take lessons. The art generated from the app would also be great for marketing materials. Another possibility is musical terms review. Students could type in words and generate a graphic. I think visual learners might really benefit from something like that. At  just $0.99 this little app can have a big impact!

What do you think? If you buy the app and create a graphic I’d love to see it in a comment below!

I can see so many possibilities for using this app for the piano studio.

16 thoughts on “Visually Describing Your Studio

  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Looks great, Dana. I don’t have an iPad – but did recently jump on the bandwagon and got an iPhone. I’m completely out of the loop with the whole apps thing …


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for finding this app. I love it! I’m still working on mine but so many things can be done with it! My mind is just reeling with ideas!


      • pianoanne says:

        I’m thinking recital program cover with the students’ names! Thanks so much for including me on your blogroll. Just to let you know, I have removed Piano Discoveries so all of my teaching aids are at now. Have a great day!


    • fame1444 says:

      Hi Grace, that one is actually the result of words I typed in. The app does allow you to generate one from your website though. It isn’t selective though in that it includes ANY word that is on the site. So you may get words that don’t relate to the theme of your site. If that happens you have the option to delete words you don’t want. Pretty cool!


      • Grace Miles says:

        Still cool though– thanks for sharing; it would be fun to get the students to each put in one word that describes what piano/music meant to them and it’ll be interesting to see what we get in the end.
        Thanks for including Artiden on your blogroll. 🙂 By the way, is there a particular meaning to ‘1444’?


      • fame1444 says:

        Grace, not sure if my original reply showed up. I mistakenly pressed enter… I was saying that the 1444 refers to what I call my piano scripture. Psalm 144:1. I originally got the verse number wrong! The New Living Translation of the bible states it as: Praise the Lord who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle.


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