Review and Giveaway!

Supersonics.comLooking for new piano music that is fresh, easy to learn, fun to play and sounds more complicated than it is? Coming Right Up! Please allow me to present to you Daniel McFarlane’s If you are already familiar with his work you will be happy to know that he has done a complete makeover of his website and has made it even easier to access ALL of his music. If this is your first time hearing about this Australian composer, get ready to be INSPIRED and to say goodbye to some of your worries about where to get cool music for your students!

If you have been following for awhile you probably already know that each year I do a special piano project with my students. Well this year we did music videos! One student’s video features a piece from Daniel McFarlane fittingly entitled “Pretty Piece.” Please enjoy the video to experience a sampling of our first music video projects and the music of this awesome composer.

Claudia learned this song at the beginning of her 2nd year of lessons and YOUR students from beginner to advanced can learn interesting pieces like this as well with ease. How is that for putting the fun back into piano for both the teacher and the student?!

Here are a few highlights of the new and improved SuperSonics site:

*Option to buy pieces individually

*All digital music – get your music on-demand without waiting for a hardcopy in the mail!

 *Option to purchase backing tracks

*Carefully graded pieces in Levels A,B, and C

*Backing Tracks (perfect for use in concerts)

*Duets and Trios

*Funky Solos

You will also find posts from Daniel’s twitter feed on the site. While visiting the site I saw in his twitter feed that he has also created FREE WORKSHEETS for his song “Off The Beat” and that more may be coming!

If you are using the Piano Maestro app by JoyTunes, there is an extra reason for you to try out Daniel McFarlane’s music. His pieces will be included in the app from late August to early September!

I bet you can’t wait to finish reading this post so you can hop on over to! But before you do, leave a comment below for a chance to win an UNLIMITED REPRINT LICENSE for one of the books on! One reader will be randomly chosen. The deadline for entering the giveaway is midnight on Friday, July 25th.

25 thoughts on “ Review and Giveaway!

  1. I LOVE this music! ALL of it! Super exciting and modern and jazzy for students who just want something cool! I am thrilled it’s going to be included in PianoMaestro! YAY!


  2. I have used some of your pieces already and my kids, especially boys, love them. Would love to win an entire book!


  3. What fun! My students enjoy the PianoMaestro app. When you say his songs will be included from late Aug to early September, do you mean that’s the date they’ll become available, or they’ll only be available for that window of time? Thanks keeping up for such a great blog!


    • @rosewoodpianostudio, You will be happy to know that I just verified with Daniel that his music will be on the PianoMaestro app permanently! Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by and please continue to read Kids and Keys.


  4. Getting a freebie of new music by a new composer would be amazing. I love trying new music and so do most of my students.


  5. I’ve been using Supersonics for many years with my students and they love the pieces Eisteddfod this week students playing his pieces in the Australian composer sections. Thank you Daniel for your music


  6. Love the video and random shots of Claudia and her friends. I wish my teacher had given me encouragement by calling me “Fire Fingers”. Now I’ll have to do a video making course to make such professional looking vids!


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