Supersonics Winner And Special Discount Code!

And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is…


Thank you to everyone who commented on the post about Daniel McFarlane’s SuperSonics piano series. Michelle has just won an unlimited reprint license for one of the books of her choosing. That is a $29.99 value! Congratulations, Michelle! Please message me your contact info so that I can let you know how to redeem your FREE MUSIC.

But Wait…There’s More

Daniel just informed me that the newsletter signup link on his website has been broken all week. So…  he has decided to give Kids & Keys readers a special 15% discount until August 1, 2014 to make up for any inconvenience this may have caused you. When you get ready to check out on just type in the code “rice” to receive the discount.

Thank you  for reading Kids & Keys! Here are some more posts you may be interested in:

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